Panasonic Heating & Cooling

Wildwood has worked with Panasonic’s Heating and Cooling division for several years. As their lead agency, we develop PR strategies and materials that are rolled out across Panasonic's European network to ensure consistent messaging.




The campaign sees Wildwood communicate on a regular basis with Panasonic representatives and PR agencies in a number of European countries.  The Wildwood team creates all marketing material for use throughout Europe, either drafting the content in English and sharing it for translation, or working the other way and translating a written release into English.  These local agencies rely on Wildwood for enough editorial to generate coverage for the whole year.


Wilwood is also responsible for creating, adapting and proofreading advertising, brochures, website copy and other marketing materials.



2014 sees the launch of the first Panasonic PRO Awards, an international award scheme to judge projects in a variety of markets, featuring Panasonic heating and cooling solutions. It’s a chance to celebrate great work and highlight quality and sustainability in system design and installation.


Wildwood is running the award scheme across key countries internationally to promote Panasonic’s global vision.









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