Campaign to Raise Awareness of Bullying on School Buses

We are working with anti-bullying campaigner Paul Vodden to help raise awareness of the issue of bullying on dedicated school buses. Paul Vodden will speak about bullying on dedicated school buses at the BUSK Transport Safety Conference on April 1st 2014, where he will be launching a new report which calls for greater vigilance on such school transport. Sadly Paul has first-hand experience of the devastating effects that bullying can have. On the 12th of December 2006, his 11 year old son Ben, tragically took his own life after being bullied on the school bus.

The Vodden Report

Paul's report highlights that many incidents of long term bullying start on the school bus and currently not enough is being done to protect and support victims of bullying in this environment.




BUSK is a nationwide organisation which works to promote safe child road transport, so their conference provides a great opportunity to discuss the issue of bullying on school buses with a large number of influential people who are responsible for providing transport arrangements for school children. We are aiming to raise awareness of this serious issue which affects thousands of children and their families every day.

The BUSK Transport Safety Conference takes place at Arval in Swindon on Monday 31 March and Tuesday 1 April 2014.

To download the first edition of the Vodden Report, click here

To view the Vodden Report: In the Driver's Seat, click here

For information about BUSK visit








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